About me

My name is Varvara and I live and work in Calgary in Canada, which annually hosts the largest cowboy rodeo festival in our country. I am an architect by profession, and beadwork is my hobby. My fascination with beads began in childhood, when I saw beaded bracelet on my friend's wrist. My mother had a little bit of Czech beads in three colors, which in those days was an extraordinary richness. My first beadwork was a three-color Russian gerdan, and I still keep remains of it. Unfortunately, it was woven with cotton thread and broke into several pieces.

Several years ago I came across a bead shop in Calgary and I wanted again to make something from beads. I began to try different materials and techniques, often not leading to the end of work. In general, I like creating a little beaded jewelry: pendants, necklaces, and rings.

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